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Aristo Rietz 99, 89

Manufacturer: Aristo Aristo
Model: 99 89
Production: 1970 1973
Length: 31 cm 15,8 cm
Material: plastic plastic
- Front: cm, K, A [B, CI, C] D, L
- Back: [S, ST, T]
Condition: good good
Case: Leathercase two part, grey and white hardplastic case
Cursor: plastic, with 4 marks plastic, with 4 marks
Extras: plastic ruler Aristo Nr. 1364 no extras

Here are two versions of the same slide rule. The standard one with a length of the scales of 25 cm, and the pocket version with a length of the scales of 13 cm. The order of the scales is the same on both rules.

The standard version Aristo 99 has a remarkable back: It is transparent! You can see the back of the slider all over the rule. On both ends is a red mark for doing calculations without turn the slider. Obove the sliderule is a transparent centimeter-ruler.

The pocket version Aristo 89 has on the back only a transparent window. Unlike other sliderules (like the Faber Castell 67/87) it is an plastic one sticked in the body.

Front, standard version

Aristo 99 Rietz, part 1 Aristo 99 Rietz, part 2

Back, standard version

Aristo 99 Rietz, part 3 Aristo 99 Rietz, part 4

Front, pocket version

Aristo 89 Rietz, Front

Back, pocket version (detail)

Aristo 89 Rietz, Back

To the slide rule belongs a combined plastic ruler with an overview over conversions (e.g. Aristo Nr. 1364). On the front are both centimeter and inch ruler, and normnumbers (sorry, my dictionary provides no translation, so, if you know the correct term, please email me.). On the back is the overview over many physical conversions.

Aristo Normzahlen-Lineal Nr. 1365, Front

Aristo 1364, Front

Aristo Normzahlen-Lineal Nr. 1365, Back

Aristo 1364, Back