German Version/Deutsche Version

Faber Castell 57/88 Rietz-N

Manufaturer: Faber Castell
Model: 57/88
Production: May 1977 (imprint on back)
Length: 29,9 cm
Material: plastic
- Front: cm, K, A [B, L, CI, C] D, S, ST, T1, T2
Condition: good
Case: two part, green and white hardplastic case
Cursor: plastic, with 5 marks

Original German instructions

A slide rule for school with a very uncommon order of scales. Common slide rules with System Rietz have the three trigonometric scales (S, ST, T) on the back of the slider. But here are these scales on the lower body, and the back of both the rule and the slider has no scales. Moreover are two tangens-scales (T1 and T2) present, instead of just one, as usually on System Rietz.

The slide rule has the typical green color of Faber Castell for emhasize the two pairs of scales, A/B and C/D. Unlike older models, the back of the rule is blank.


Faber Castell 57/88, part 1 Faber Castell 57/88, part 2